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Rachel Lee Goldenberg


Rachel is a Los Angeles-based writer, director, and Emmy award-winning producer. Most recently she directed the pilot and subsequent episodes for Minx, which has been renewed for season two at HBO Max. Her previous project for HBO was Unpregnant, an abortion buddy comedy. She’s directed eight features, including a musical remake of Valley Girl for MGM and A Deadly Adoption, a meta Lifetime movie starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig. Rachel spent 2013-14 as Funny or Die’s White House liaison, winning an Emmy for Between Two Ferns with Barack Obama. She’s directed a dozen shows, including Everything Gonna Be OK, Divorce, Man Seeking Woman, The Mindy Project, and I’m Sorry. Rachel studied filmmaking at Ithaca College. She has traveled extensively, most frequently in Central and South America. She’s passionate about nachos and her perfect one-eyed cat, Elizabeth. 


Sweet meets saucy.

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Rachel Lee Goldenberg

HBO MAX | "Unpregnant"

We support a woman’s
right to direct.

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Rachel Lee Goldenberg

BUD LIGHT | "Ritas"

That feeling when
the improvised take is
the best one.

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Rachel Lee Goldenberg


Who needs a script
when the director brings
you D’Arcy Carden?

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Rachel Lee Goldenberg