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Bo Barrett


Bo, LA Native, son of a production designer, has been immersed in film since a young age.  A former actor who has appeared in hundreds of spots and worked with directors such as Lance Acord, Sofia Coppola, Tom Kuntz, Fredrik Bond and many, many more. No doubt it had a huge impact on his vision and style.  Barrett’s acting background brings a unique ability to cast and get pitch perfect performances out of every actor he works with. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for pushing the boundaries of visual and emotional storytelling, Barrett is a distinctive filmmaker crafting character driven work across commercials and film. Simply put, we view Bo’s work as Bold yet Sensitive.  He has crafted beautifully impactful films for brands such as Shorebirds, Uncommon Goods, NFL Shop and Expedia.


Reshaping stereotypes by reframing perceptions.

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Bo Barrett


Will travel for jobs.

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Bo Barrett


Some things are harder than they should be.

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Bo Barrett