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Christian Sorensen Hansen


Christian is a director and photographer best known for capturing raw, real, unfiltered moments. Dividing his time between Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest, Christian has always been a west-coaster at heart, having grown up in the world of advertising to two graphic designer parents in Seattle. After graduating from film school, Christian spent time working on a movie in Bollywood, where he travelled India and developed his wanderlust. Christian travels, a lot, and on these adventures can be found harmonizing palettes to match his bearings, sweating up steep and tortuous cliffs to find ideal locations, and sampling regionally fermented hops and ailments.

"Know This"

Shot entirely on iPhone,
an ode to travel and the
milestones of life.

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Christian Sorensen Hansen

Bank Of The West

Embrace your wanderlust.
Banking shouldn’t slow
you down.

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Christian Sorensen Hansen

Jose Cuervo

Tonight is the night.
Tomorrow can wait.

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Christian Sorensen Hansen

Nocturnal Patterns

A movement piece
centered around stages of
the night.

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Christian Sorensen Hansen


Waves of humanity create
a clash of ideas and
ownership in Hawaii.

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Christian Sorensen Hansen