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Jeremy Miller


Jeremy Miller hails from Salt Lake City with his beautifully textured storytelling, rich tone and great instincts. Graduating from the University of Utah with a BA in Film Studies, he broke onto the scene by directing “Stance,” an all female snowboarding film. As his career shifted commercially, he quickly became an award-winning film director.  Jeremy believes that film is a deeply meaningful art form always evoking and driving emotion.  His inner sense for human connection fused with structure, pacing and style bleed on every frame.  His body of work has largely been based in North America with select projects in Europe and Africa.  Since entering the film industry in 2005, his portfolio has grown to include commercial work spanning the globe for brands such as Tesla, Ford, Ram, Lincoln and Panasonic.


X-factor included.

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Jeremy Miller

FORD F-150

Never not working.

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Jeremy Miller


A Sunday well spent.

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Jeremy Miller


Built for America.

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Jeremy Miller


When failure is
not an option.

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Jeremy Miller