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Harry Calbom


Harry is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and the Founder of Society. A passionate director and producer, Harry believes that film is the most powerful tool we have to create empathy, inspiring audiences toward meaningful changes of heart, mind, and behavior. His directing work is characterized by high production value, grounded humor, and a left-brain + right-brain sensibility that is both cerebral and emotional, in equal parts. Through a rare combination of artistic and entrepreneurial instincts, Harry has built a prolific career in advertising, pitching and producing campaigns in collaboration with top advertising agencies and global brands.  Harry holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Southern California, an MBA in Marketing from the University of Washington, and is a member of the Directors Guild of America.  He lives with his wife and two young sons in Studio City, California.


It's accrual world. At Quickbooks, we listen to our customers.

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Harry Calbom


Compare your way to your dream home. Alpacas not included.

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Harry Calbom


For business leaders who
just can't wait for 5G.

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Harry Calbom

INTUIT | "Heroes of Accountability"

Here's to the real heroes:
the accountants.

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Harry Calbom

NERDWALLET | "Outback"

Real adventure (and cute penguins) await you.

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Harry Calbom