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What would normally take two weeks can
now be build in two hours.

Often we think of innovation as the next big thing. But innovation also occurs when we take something that already exists and make it much faster and much less expensive. A repeated question we get from ad agencies is how to bring down the per-asset cost of animation so that a video investment can be repurposed for months at a time across social platforms. We decided to experiment with solutions to this problem in an independent series created with our friends, Cub Studio. The result: #TRUMPFACTS

With a largely automated animation workflow in place, users could upload new soundbites as soon as they appeared, and new animated videos could be turned around in as little as two hours. Motionographer quickly took note and did their own case study on the project.

The #TRUMPFACTS template has created a valuable platform for brands looking to create entertaining and up-to-the-minute content. Soon after the work was released, Society and Cub were hired by ESPN to produce a similar project for one of their hit shows, “First Take”.

Subsequently, Cub Studio has created Moshare animation software. Inspired by Trumpfacts, Moshare allows users to create branded animated social content within seconds by drawing upon user data to create team, event and even moment-specific social media content.

An initial investment with a long-term pay off, this capability illustrates a founding principle we practice at Society: use flexibility, imagination and insight responsibly and cost-effectively and your partners will reap the benefits.