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Jason Heller steps up as EP at Society. His breadth of experience on the front lines (as a former producer at top ad agencies) has already proved invaluable to the bottom line (Harry’s sanity).


Society is making moves heading into 2022 with Jason Heller stepping up as executive producer and owner/founder Harry Calbom shifting to a more creative-driven role, pursuing directing full time while continuing to drive the overall creative direction of the company.

Jason and Harry both needed a career pivot. Harry’s background in the arts enticed him towards a more hands-on creative role. Jason’s wealth of agency experience let him hungry for more close collaboration with directors. Heller joined the team 12 months ago, working alongside Harry to refine a vision for the future of Society that was grounded in the tremendous growth the company has experienced in its 10-year tenure. With an eye towards embracing new voices and perspectives, Jason and Harry will work together to continue to shape and grow the Society roster, while still keeping the company’s boutique approach and culture intact. Rebecca Parenteau will continue in her role as Head of Production, a role she stepped into in 2014 after stints at MJZ and Supply&Demand.

“I’ve had a curiosity about exploring directing full time and with the rapid shifts that we all experienced during the pandemic, I knew that it was finally time to lean into what I was most impassioned about,” Notes Harry. “When I first met Jason, I knew that he fully embodies the humble, hungry and smart type of person that fits into the Society family. The caliber of work that he has produced on the agency side speaks for itself and I’m excited for the future of the company with him at the helm.”


SOCIETY: What about your experience on the ad agency side made you want to join a production company?

JASON: I’ve always been enthralled with the creative problem-solving puzzle that is production. My most inspired and energized moments in agency work were always when we were in the throes of a complex production, and now I get to stretch those muscles every day. It’s always challenging and it’s always interesting, and I love that.

SOCIETY: What of your new responsibilities have you enjoyed the most?

JASON: Hands down, it’s the close collaboration with our directors. As an agency producer you get to know directors a fair amount, but always at arms length. I’ve always tried to seek out and support directors whose work inspires me, and now I get to do that on a much deeper, collaborative level. It’s been a gradual process, transitioning into the role Harry held close for nearly a decade, but gradually I’ve gained the trust of our directors and it has been immensely rewarding.

SOCIETY: Having worked with many great production companies, what do you like about Society’s method or ethos?

JASON: At its core, Society has always been focused on not supporting the problems in advertising, but bucking them and doing things differently. Production is constantly shifting and Society is always ready to shift with it. That can-do ethos is something I organically align with.

SOCIETY: What are your goals for the company over the next few years?

JASON: Growth to us entirely pertains to the quality of our work. We’re less concerned with increasing in size and more focused on creating standout, top-level content. We believe we will do this by investing in relationships, building trust between partners, and challenging existing notions of “what’s possible” with every production.







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