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"Director Rachel Lee Goldenberg"

On the eve of the release of her latest film VALLEY GIRL, Emmy Winner Rachel Lee Goldenberg discusses re-making an ’80s cult classic as a jukebox musical, and traces her unconventional journey from unpaid intern to studio director. Includes segments about Between Two Ferns with Barack Obama, A Deadly Adoption (Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig), and her next feature film, Unpregnant.


"Lemolo Song Commentaries"

Do you remember the “Director Commentary” feature of the DVD era? How great was that? As a bonus feature for our episode with Meagan Grandall of Lemolo we are introducing “Song Commentaries”. After we recorded the interview we asked Meagan to listen to three songs off her new record and talk us through them…



A revealing conversation about the immense challenges of pursuing a career as an independent musician. Meagan Grandall discusses how close she has come to giving up and why she keeps going. Full disclosure: Harry is a die hard fan of her band, Lemolo.


"Directing Duo TwinTaoers"

Directors Aaron & Winston Tao reflect on transcending childhood trauma, wrestling with cultural heritage, and the search for spiritual identity. Hear why they wouldn’t have it any other way and how these challenges fuel their focus: improving humanity through film.

conversations on creativity

Art, in its most immaculate form, holds up a mirror to society. But who’s holding the mirror? And how do their experiences shape what each of us each sees? Each episode, we sit down with artists and ask them to turn the lens on themselves by sharing what has shaped the world they hold up to each of us.