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Juliet Seniff


Juliet is a Los Angeles-based director and comedy writer who works in television, print and branded content. She developed her comedy chops writing and improvising for the Upright Citizens Brigade and Funny or Die. Most recently she served as co-producer on ABC’s Alex, Inc. (Zach Braff), TBS’s Angie Tribeca (Rashida Jones), Your Family or Mine (Richard Dreyfuss and Ed Begley, Jr.), and Fox’s animated series Golan the Insatiable (voiced by Rob Riggle and Aubrey Plaza). Last year, she sold ABC a pilot script for “Twinsters,” a project based on the hit Netflix documentary of the same name, as well as a digital series based on her Funny or Die series “Lady Time.” In addition to writing and starring in Funny or Die videos, she’s written a Fiat commercial and been published in Marie Claire.

Symetra "March Madness"

WNBA star Sue Bird calls
foul on jibber-jabber.

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Juliet Seniff

Alex, Inc.

Juliet ‘scrubs in’ as writer
and producer for Zac Braff’s
comedy series on ABC.

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Juliet Seniff

Angie Tribeca

Best. Cop. Show. Ever.
Period. Exclamation. Point.

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Juliet Seniff

Symetra "Rider"

Jibber-jabber ruins
everything! (Except
funny commercials.)

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Juliet Seniff