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Joachim Zunke


Joachim (“Jojo”) Zunke is a Director and DP from Hamburg, Germany. He rose to international prominence with his highly acclaimed break out commercial spot, “The Thief”, heralded as AdWeek Ad of the Day. Jojo began his creative career as a musician with a deep passion for the arts and traces his love of visual arts to his music roots. His desire to create dramatic, distinctly modern and profoundly unique images led him to shooting music videos and ultimately directing commercials worldwide. Jojo believes that every motion has its own rhythm and seeks to portray the relationship between everything that flows. Jojo has shot all over the world for brands like Blue Moon, Lee Jeans, Audi, Renaissance Hotels, VW, and Adidas.

Renaissance Hotels

From Paris to Bangkok,
a dance around the
world with Venables Bell.

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Joachim Zunke

Syoss "The Thief"

Jojo steals a viral hit
with his directorial

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Joachim Zunke

Pantene "Heist"

Watch, rinse, repeat.

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Joachim Zunke

Lee Jeans "Move"

Stretching fabrics
(and budgets)
in Mexico City.

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Joachim Zunke

Blue Moon

*No beer was harmed in
the making of this film.

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Joachim Zunke