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Connor Martin


Connor is a director and writer specializing in colorful, fast-paced visuals, witty dialogue, bold physical comedy and satirical music videos. His uncanny ability to create jaw-dropping viral content has quickly hoisted him into the production big leagues, and makes him uniquely suited to create content for digital landscapes. Early in his career, his band Con Bro Chill released music videos that garnered over 50 million views and engendered a devoutly loyal fanbase, dubbed The Neon Army. Since, Connor has directed and written branded content for some of the biggest agencies in the world: Wieden and Kennedy (Old Spice/Samsung/Instagram), The Richards Group (Dr. Pepper), Facebook (Listerine), and Funny Or Die (NFL) to name a few. His work – a delightful brew of outrageous, accessible and undeniably shareable – has catapulted the success of many nationwide initiatives, racking up millions and millions of views. Connor grew up in Portland, OR and is now based in Los Angeles, having graduated from Chapman University’s Dodge Film School with a Bachelors Degree in Advertising.


Feeling as square as
your cubicle, eh?
Seize the lake!

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Connor Martin

Walmart Smart Reordering

Life is out of order.
But the groceries
are in the bag.

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Connor Martin

NFL + Funny Or Die

The real extra point is
the end zone dance.
And we’ve got the sauce.

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Connor Martin

Popeye's Pizza Crashers

Director as talent.
Will he chicken out?

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Connor Martin

Uncle Ben's Case Study

How to Make a
Commercial in
5 Days.

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Connor Martin