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Call Me Al


Directing duo Alisa Allapach and Phillip Montgomery are “Call Me Al” which – fun fact – is inspired by Alisa’s father, Al, who’s bare-knuckle grit and resourcefulness are the stuff of legend. That and they also think Paul Simon is a genius. As filmmakers, they have extensive experience both in front and behind the camera. Their first co-directing effort, “The Things I Miss” for Instagram’s pandemic era stay-at-home campaign became a viral hit, and their more recent collaborations push them further into beautiful, fresh visuals with an eye towards positivity and uplifting performances. Combined, their directing efforts have resulted in award-winning work for Google, Uber, IBM, and more.

JOBCASE | "Every Question"

Helping put America
to work.

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Call Me Al

DELOITTE | "The Business You're In"

When a business is more
than just one business.

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Call Me Al

GOOGLE FI | "Mom's Phone Plan"

Phone plans simpliFIed.

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Call Me Al

ARIENS | "King of the Snow"

Winter is coming,
long live the king.

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Call Me Al

NATURE'S BOUNTY | "Live Bountifully"

Boundless joy.

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Call Me Al


A hole-in-one
for your eyes.

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Call Me Al